End of /v/ goes to the movies
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Where do I start with this?

Well after I finished part 3 some anon on /v/ (or /jp/?) told me the comic I was making wasn't very good... I was getting tired of working on "/v/ goes to the movies" so I decided to work on this comic alllll night and I just went with whatever idea was in my sleep-deprived head at the time... I'm STILL horny over /jp/

In panel 14 and 16 black mario's supposed to have like.. half of his arm down /vr/'s urethra... I don't think alot of people understood what they were looking at though and still don't... Oh well. The last panel was thought up by a friend who I don't think wants to be named? I have the original thread I first posted this in saved 'cuz of everyone's replies and reactions, it kept me up all day even though I was dead tired it made me so happy seeing everyone's positive reactions... And I think this is still getting reposted sometimes? last I checked anyway (Which was awhile ago...)
Some people think someone else may have drawn this because of the different-looking art but no, I drew everything...
In the same thread that I posted I posted this in, someone else made an edit to the last panel replacing the words "im gay" with "VIDEO GAMES" which is just as good I think. So you'll see that variant sometimes posted instead.
Lastly, some people wish I made more of these kind of comics but you can only do so many shock-value comics until they're not that shocking anymore, y'know?

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