is a shapeshifter at Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to fucking kill himself!
Who are the Visua Busters?
The Visua Busters are a crew of friends who like to draw!
What does "Visua" mean?
It's basically our slang for the collective sensory and perceptual systems in the human body. So we're basically busting people's senses!
I wanna look at your art!
Head on over to the booru to browse everyone's art! And check out the collections to chillax and read some comics!
We also have a twitter here.
Gutsybird is the chug jug champion
Classyfren is 100% whole grains
Kaijuu is not Jerma wearing pants
Mitchan is going to hell