wants to work hard for the sake of tomorrow!
is just drawing and having a good time!
doesn't wear pants!



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Lily love, posted November 16 at 11:29 PM
i've been geekin out over cartoon network stuff, posted November 5 at 10:26 AM
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shrums' nudey witches fan comic, posted October 5 at 2:47 AM
candice comics 1-4, posted October 4 at 4:05 AM
Dankstock meme reply, posted September 3 at 2:13 PM
vs. /v/ Friday night funkin' mod reaction, posted August 15 at 1:22 PM
Doremi Jeggings, posted August 14 at 11:56 PM
Lilyhops thumbnails, posted August 14 at 3:51 PM
/v/ goes to the movies, posted August 11 at 0:50 AM
Candice Dooyo, posted July 21 at 8:03 PM
bunch of draws posted to the booru, posted July 16 at 6:47 AM
incestual comics 1-5, posted July 12 at 10:51 PM
WE'RE LIVE, posted July 12 at 11:05 AM

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