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I slept Here's the comic, and here's the nude alt. Behind the scenes: This comic went through so many god damn iterations... I ALWAYS ask for my friends' feedback to see if a comic is good or not before drawing it, for quality assurance... AND THIS GOD DAMN COMIC... I revised the shit out of it because of feedback... I had trouble figuring out how to take the story in the direction I want... I can't even tell if it's actually good anymore after looking at it for so long. GET IT OUT OF MY SIGHT, I'LL MAKE THE NEXT ONE WHEN I WAKE UP. gonna go brush my teeth, goodnight.
My sleepy schedule's fucked. up. Also here's a nude variant of this comic cuz Dee's kinda hot... and also a concept i saw someone suggest...what if the hat hole came out from... the tip? Behind the scenes: I wanted the end of this comic to be a little different... I wanted Archimedes to go "Ah, so this is who directed this movie", referring to the opening credits, telling you the movie's JUST beginning, and they are very specifically watching Doctor Strange so I went and checked the opening of the movie and whaddya know, THEY DON'T HAVE OPENING CREDITS. Just the "Marvel Studios" opening logo. So I switched gears to having him say "Marvel Studios... A fitting name, for I am marvelling." While showing the screen with "Marvel studios" on it, telling the reader that this is still the beginning of the movie... But classy and mitchan were all "Don't reference Marvel, it takes away from the comic" and I think they were right... SO I JUST HAD HIM SAY THE MOVIE'S STARTING IN A NOT-SO-ROUNDABOUT WAY. i'm glad we ended up in this direction but it sucks how much frustration went into figuring it out!
Me too! Me too!
He's doin' it, he's ACTUALLY trying to teach her. Also here's the Fat Fuck Ferdinand I drew: