is a shapeshifter at Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to fucking kill himself!

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she;s a dog now. bark bark bark
huff huff huff huff...... did you see shrumsy's doremi art below? the one with her about to eat a banana? phew... huff huff.. i'm having trouble breathing...
Sawyer's streams are neat.
Feel free to use him!
Hi There, Visua Bustkateers! Gutsy here to tell you the site has been upgraded! WHAT'S NEW? Booru Revamp! -The booru has a completely new look to it! -You can tag submissions now! All of you!!! If you're the type to, please feel free to help us tag our art! -It shows up properly on mobile! -There's actually alot of neat things you can do on this new booru, too many to list, so feel free to poke around. Additional features! -You can switch avatars on the fly instead of going to the "my account" page. -The site is overall faster and more stable now. -More features will be added/fine-tuned soon! you'll notice that comments and posts from the past few days are gone and missing... SORRY! Small side-effect from the upgrade... Won't happen again... Let us know if there's any bugs you encounter!!!!  This has been Gutsybird, going back to drawing! EDIT: IT SEEMS THE SITE'S STILL KINDA' BUGGY... SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN. PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE WORK ON THIS. edit: FIXED
65... Noodle and 2-D together is called "2nu" btw. I've become a fan, it's super hot.