is a shapeshifter from Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to kiss Houjou Satoko on the mouth!
A bit of a study! Look at that head, it's like a cue ball...
Hello there everyone! I stumbled onto some works-in-progress from that tomboy with the messy room image I drew, and because they made a pretty interesting sequence, I organized them into a gif to show how the final image was made! There was a lot of backtracking and erasing involved to find a pose I liked, and though some steps get left out, I hope the process is fun to watch. Enjoy!
Oh no, I still haven't come up with a title for this... I should REALLY think of one...
there's two BIG things I wanna do this year... This is a part of one of them!