is a shapeshifter at Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to fucking kill himself!
Gosh, those Saturday morning memories really were some of the coolest!! (Except when the broadcasters would arbitrarily start the entire show over from the beginning, that was some dreadful stuff, LOL.) Kirby Right Back at Ya was definitely one of my favorites, and I remember recording the Kirby movie on a VHS and rewatching it a lot! Once I thought about it, I just had to make a girl looking forward to the same show. I'm glad the comic reminded people of some of those great times!
Another commission has been finished! a one-panel comic... a kind of... illustration...
Finished another commission for someone
What do peas mean to YOU? What CAN they mean...for all of us?
a commission asking for the sisters from the incest comics doing things... to eachother if you wanna commission me too, check my profile for prices.
Drew Cringezuki from a friend's design and studied a little art from Onizuka Naoshi. 
I thought his facial constructions could come in handy some day. 
The design is really good I must say, very very uber cringe... I like it.
Check the booru pretty much everyday my dudes. Shrums and classy like to upload alot of stuff there without making blog posts about it...