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I originally made these in March of 2014 for /v/ 'cuz everyone was super starved for OC... Can't really post these anywhere super convenient like twitter or newgrounds because of the very last part... But here they are finally, for ease of access!  At the time of posting these a mod for Friday Night Funkin' was recently released starring /v/-tan...  Its got a ton of references to 3angledblue's original god-tier comics and also some refs to these low to mid-tier comics... It's really cool and I reccomend everyone check it out! I hear there's more updates coming to it so I won't link anything and just reccomend you look up the latest version If you'd like some additional commentary on these comics you can find them on the booru.
i want an artist girl to discipline me...
Hey guys I just posted a bunch of stuff I drew from January this year onto the booru. I'll upload more stuff from this year later and also draw some stuff for today too... Oh, and I only uploaded stuff I was personally proud of... No junk for you guys's eyes! edit: uploaded the stuff i wasn't proud of too...
I'M HORNY!!!!11 I wanna make more later...