wants to work hard for the sake of tomorrow!
is just drawing and having a good time!
doesn't wear pants!
Don't you just hate when this happens? (Probably a familiar concept, but I wanted to make something small)
Hey everyone, Gutsybird here! And today I'd like to introduce a NEW member to the visua busters! He's been a cool friend to us for awhile now so lemme introduce! Mitchan!
so mitchan, tell us about yourself. Whaddya' like to do? Besides drawing that is.
I like collecting video games and anime figures! I also like cooking and actually playing video games sometimes... ehehh
Ooh, pretty cool. So you're a collector eh~ What kinda' games are you into? And could you show us one of your anime figs too? One you're proud of owning?
I'm a 2d/3d platformer and rhythm game typa guy. I also enjoy a few shooters. Lately I've been getting into open-world and fighting games tho! Pretty fun stuff.
This Roll-chan figure... my holy grail.....
That's a super stylish rad figurine. I'm insanely jealous... And also very cool taste in games as well. I, too, adore 3D platformers and rhythm games. OK so tell us about your art. What drives you? What inspires you? Where dya' wanna GO with it?
I've always had an interest in art and creating my own stuff! Some of my goals are to improve my art skills and eventually learn more stuff outside of drawing! (animating, painting, 3d modeling, and even music...) Some of my main inspirations are the artists I look up to, as well as the shows I enjoy watching.
I wanna get into 3D modeling too... That and programming! So who specifically inspires you, off the top of your head?
Ohh, I'd also like to learn programming! Mainly for video game related stuff tho. Hmmm, I'd say... alke, barasui, Keiichi Arawi, ponsuke, Minori Kenshirou, and Asano Inio, just to name a few.
This is a very slick list of inspiration... I can see a bit of all of 'em reflected in your art. Very sweet. Well I guess that's all I had to ask of ya'! Thanks for letting me finally use this interview format we've just been SITTING on. Any closing thoughts? Before we wrap it up?
Alright! Thank you for having me. eheh Cool to be part of the VisuaBusters, let's do our best! ⍢
You can check out Mitchan's art on the booru!
Why not get your own Gekota today??? This was based on some nice vintage European posters used to advertise stuff like cookies, I really enjoyed looking at the style. I ALSO had been meaning to draw the Railgun for a while, since I had long considered her best girl of the Raildex series. Hope you enjoy!