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For this comic, I wanted to make a very rough sketch of some kind of fairy tale story and practice that, but it could certainly use a part 2! Hope you all find it entertaining! I have to say, all the isekai and so on genre of manga manage to lack what I'd like to see or consider natural (or are all untranslated), so I'd like to make something big to compete someday.
Hello again everyone, it's been a while! I hope you've all been well, and that you all enjoy this comic I made in the spirit of Halloween, which doesn't always go as planned, but can still end up being something to appreciate. It reads left to right, and I think my favorite part of how it turned out is probably how the doppelganger looks while saying "kitty cat". For now, take care, and see you next year! (just a joke!)
Don't you just hate when this happens? (Probably a familiar concept, but I wanted to make something small)
Why not get your own Gekota today??? This was based on some nice vintage European posters used to advertise stuff like cookies, I really enjoyed looking at the style. I ALSO had been meaning to draw the Railgun for a while, since I had long considered her best girl of the Raildex series. Hope you enjoy!
After a long period of what appears to be inactivity, I'm back! And I thought I'd start by posting one of the things I made and liked most while I was away, a sort of RPG party forming challenge! The characters were made to have certain synergies and a lot of disadvantages, because that is half the fun! The concepts were sure fun, and I'm going to go back to /v/, where this was originally posted, to post an adventure-y comic based on the most popular choices. Which two might you pick?
Gosh, those Saturday morning memories really were some of the coolest!! (Except when the broadcasters would arbitrarily start the entire show over from the beginning, that was some dreadful stuff, LOL.) Kirby Right Back at Ya was definitely one of my favorites, and I remember recording the Kirby movie on a VHS and rewatching it a lot! Once I thought about it, I just had to make a girl looking forward to the same show. I'm glad the comic reminded people of some of those great times!
What do peas mean to YOU? What CAN they mean...for all of us?