wants to work hard for the sake of tomorrow!
is just drawing and having a good time!
doesn't wear pants!

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These are doodles I did on the 17th! It was fun to mess around, I need to loosen up!
The idea here was more ambitious, but after too much time passed, I decided to simply post a crop! Wanted a warm and nostalgic feeling, and corner desks sure are interesting to think about. Did she choose to sit there?
Two boss-level enemies appear, but only one can be purrsuaded to join you...choose wisely.
A comparison of the first classyegirl and the most recent! She's come a long way from a nameless figure, but still has not a lot of identifiable traits! Back then, this character was a mannequin of sorts because she was so easy to doodle! And now things have gotten a lot more fun. Look forward to a lot more of her in the coming future!
yippee! it's this girl's birthday and she's so proud to have a hat!!!!!
snuggy snug snug! you know, the texture of cotton is pretty awesome in my opinion, very breathable, and refreshing in some forms. I hope the texture of these blankets come across as wooly, but I wanted to say how awesome cotton is!
Girls in oversized jackets are super cute! Like a mini astronaut waddling around, the ultimate in fashion!