is a shapeshifter at Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to fucking kill himself!

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A life-threatening situation...who will survive? Also hello there everyone! After settling some new things, I'm back in action and drawing as much as I can!
These are just to mess with proportions and figure things out while I keep trying to make progress in all the other areas, I think her name will be Avery! There's a bit more concept art on the booru, if you're interested in that!
I'm glad I decided to add on to this, a nicer story developed. It's not a real hug without a GREAT risk of injury!!!
I was playing through a Pokemon romhack that strives to finish the unreleased Pokemon Gold beta that leaked a while ago, and had a whale of a time going through its version of Victory Road! What a trial, it had me second-guessing if I was going to make it through! And so that inspired this drawing, you can see a screenshot and the feeling of pain that comes with it. Enjoy!
So here we have a terrifying little sister, and the work that indirectly inspired it! Scroll no further if you want to keep your eyes clean... I really wanted to make this comic into something better, cuter, and more relatable (ba-dum-tss), because the world just needs more imoutos. Thank you!
I wonder what will happen next???? The continuation continues!