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Was thinking about older stickman comics when making this!
I wanted to capture the feeling of "dude" with this one!
In order to try and promote the spirit of creativity, I put together a few guides to drawing! A bit scattered in direction, but these are things I've learned and thought might be useful to some people! A lot of thinking, personal tips, and a bit of research when into these! And even more to come, eventually!
Hello there! This time, I decided to resurrect something I began about two years ago, a comic series that started with just a doodle of an athletic girl. People liked it so I continued! I gave her a slightly older brother she likes a little too much, and would bother in disturbing ways. Is she just so muscle-brained she doesn't see what is wrong with her actions? Stay tuned! I feel this relation reflects how invasive and careless family can be, but cranked up to 11. The next one is animated to control the reader's view of the panels! And now, the most recent stuff:
These are doodles I did on the 17th! It was fun to mess around, I need to loosen up!
The idea here was more ambitious, but after too much time passed, I decided to simply post a crop! Wanted a warm and nostalgic feeling, and corner desks sure are interesting to think about. Did she choose to sit there?
Two boss-level enemies appear, but only one can be purrsuaded to join you...choose wisely.