is a shapeshifter from Poe's masquerade.
is just drawing and having a good time!
Is Kaijuu replacing Rich Evans???
is going to kiss Houjou Satoko on the mouth!
I don't really know what to call this kind of art, but it was a fun thing to create!
I haven't seen the show but I thought the theme song was nice.
Have you invested in Spats Insurance?
i want an artist girl to discipline me...
Hey guys I just posted a bunch of stuff I drew from January this year onto the booru. I'll upload more stuff from this year later and also draw some stuff for today too... Oh, and I only uploaded stuff I was personally proud of... No junk for you guys's eyes! edit: uploaded the stuff i wasn't proud of too...
Some Bury Pink Draws from times past!
I'M HORNY!!!!11 I wanna make more later...